About Us


I’m 21 years old and currently attending the University of Washington where I am in my fourth year on my way to getting my Bachelors of Science in Psychology, go Dawgs! No, I cannot read your mind. Afterwards, I plan on attending Law school at anywhere I can freaking’ get in. I was born here in the Greater Seattle Area and I love the rain, a true Washingtonian if there ever was one. I love English soccer and my team is Manchester United, come on you Reds! (Bring on the banter) Some of my hobbies include Netflix, writing, and a lot of napping.


I’m 21 years old and also attending the University of Washington where I am pursuing a degree in Media Communications. I was born in Kirkland, WA and am a huge Seahawks fan, but believe me, I am not one of the bandwagon fans! I love reviewing movies and T.V. shows so naturally I’m a big fan of Collider on YouTube. I also love listening to music and have been playing the drums since I was in the womb.