The Punisher - Ep. 1-6 - Review

November 22nd, 2017


Michael and Kyle are back this week to watch and review the first 6 episodes of season 1 of Netflix's newest Marvel tv. show, The Punisher. Frank Castle, a gruff, ex Spec. ops badass is out looking for revenge and doesn't mind getting a little dirty along the way. He'll have to go through criminals, the government, and possibly his own friends to find the truth and avenge the death of his family! This show does a great job taking what you would think is going to be an upbeat, fight heavy show and slowing it down for some great storytelling. Join Michael and Kyle as they talk their top 5 moments, 1 gripe, player of the game, and other show notes!


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Next week we will be back to review the second half of The Punisher and the season as a whole! Send us your thoughts on the season so we can talk about them!

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