Harmon Quest Season 1 - Review - Ft. Dumbgeons & Dragons

February 22nd, 2018

In this very special episode of American Gods Cast, Michael and Kyle are reviewing the first season of Harmon Quest with special guests from the Dumbgeons & Dragons podcast! We were fortunate enough to have Russ More, Amy More, and Tom Laird on the show to help us break down Harmon Quest!

But what is Harmon Quest? It's a live action/animated adaptation of a fantasy role-playing game, recorded in front of a live studio audience! Dan Harmon and friends as well as a new guest(s) every episode partake in a role-playing game and chaos ensues! Listen in as Michael, Kyle, Russ, Amy, and Tom discuss the first season of this unique show! We chat our Top 2 moments from the season, 1 gripe, player of the game including a recurring member and a guest, and other notes! 

A huge thank you to the Dumbgeons & Dragons crew for being our guests this episode! It was awesome having them on and they did a great job! Here is where you can find them:




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