Glow - Episodes 1-5 - Review

July 26th, 2017


Welcome back American Gods fans!! While we hangout during the off-season of American Gods, we are hard at work reviewing new content! Our first summer recap is of the hit new show Glow, a series recounting the start of televised women's wrestling from the late 80's! We watched the first 5 episodes and are recapping them now, so check out this episode with Michael and Kyle talking about this new show with their friend Jacob!

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American Gods - Season 1 - Review

July 6th, 2017


And as quickly as it came, the first season of American Gods is over! It is a truly sad day when you have to find another t.v. show to watch. This season has definitely taken us for a fantastical ride thanks to our amazing producers and cast, and we are so sad to have to wait a year to see these folks on screen again (besides rewatches!!). Check out this episode of American Gods Cast as Michael and Kyle recap the season and go over their top 5 moments and honorable mentions, 1 gripe, Player of the Season, and hopes for future seasons!

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With love and only a few tears, farewell to American Gods for now!